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Why 'Food without a Footprint'?

Since 2021, Alelí has ​​been collaborating with Villanova University, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Protectores de Cuencas, Inc. in the study Assessment of Pathways and Degradation of Marine Debris within the Guanica Watershed and Surrounding Region of Southwest Puerto Rico. For three years, 2021-2024 we will dedicate ourselves to monitoring, characterizing and removing marine debris on Ballena and Las Pardas beaches, as well as in the coastal areas of La Parguera. In addition, we are investigating the routes, entrances and exits of garbage in the Loco River, its tributary in Guayanilla and the Lajas irrigation canal.

The outreach and education component of this project entails the launching of the ‘Food without a Footprint’ initiative to reduce and prevent the use of single-use plastics in this region, with a special focus on four (4) Guánica restaurants and their customers. We started with four restaurants to conduct a pilot project to help us understand the social dynamics related to plastics, document lessons learned, and inspire other communities. This effort is supported by environmental leaders in the region, Villanova University, NOAA, Marine Debris Foundation, Finca Higuaca and Syracuse University - Center for Sustainable Community Solutions, Environmental Finance Center.

Food without a Footprint

During the months of April to August 2024, our initiative aims to promote the reduction and prevention of single-use plastics by 80% in four restaurants in Guánica, PR. These establishments will also implement various measures in order to reduce the amount of waste generated.

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Single-use Plastics Elimination


We promote the use of compostable packaging by subsidizing the cost difference, thus eliminating 80% of single-use plastics in each participating restaurant. This initiative promotes environmental sustainability.

Ven y Apoya esta iniciativa




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